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Cyber Security Awareness Training & Testing (SATT)

Cyberattacks are an evolving danger to us all. They can damage businesses and people’s financial and personal lives. Increasingly WE are the targets.
You and your colleagues are the the first and last line in your cyber defences.

Training and continually testing that awareness are paramount in todays digital world.

The threats and attacks don’t stop, so neither does the service we provide.

This training and awareness program is constructed by industry experts Cyber Security Awareness, that we have known and trusted for over 10 years. 

Raise Awareness

Our fully managed service raises your employee’s awareness to cybercrime and the risks posed to your business. By raising their awareness, they go on to take the training a lot more seriously.

Trained Employees

Our market leading Security Awareness & GDPR awareness training is professional, engaging and suitable for all employees. Our training provides employees with the correct skills to stay compliant and not fall victim to cybercrime.

Keeping Employees Vigilant

It is only by keeping employees vigilant against cybercrime that you can make a difference to staff behavior and ensure they apply the training on a day to day basis and ultimately not pose a risk to your organisation.

Cyber Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT)

  • Our fully managed service removes the requirement to take up any of your time or resources, we run, create, chase and report everything for you.
  • Everything is created from scratch and bespoke for your organisation. This ensures all targeted emails are real life scenarios.
  • The cost is far less than any single cyber security incident.
  • Proven and guaranteed to stop employees from causing security incidents.
  • Our training covers relevant and current cyber security threats including: Email, Web, Physical, Mobile/Wi-Fi, Handling Sensitive Information and Best Practice.

GDPR Awareness Training

  • Professional content in plain non-technical language, suitable for all employees.
  • Full reporting for you to prove employees have been trained around the changes GDPR brings.
  • Regular reminders to ensure employees complete the training.
  • Our fully managed service removes the requirement to take up any of your time or resources.
  • Unlimited access for 12 months (perfect for refresher training) with no charge for staff turnover.


YourMembership CRM Consultancy

YM is a broad and powerful membership solution, we’ve implemented it as an end user and helped numerous organisations tailor YM to their needs and requirements.

Time saving expertise, advice and support, web design and integrations where and when you need them.

#heretohelp you make the very most of YM, quickly and effectively.

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