I just wanted to briefly follow up on the issues with YourMembership the other week. I haven’t seen any official explanation of what caused the issue but I believe it was down to an issue with AWS (Amazon Web Services) that hosts the YM platform and related to a lack of memory available to YM to essentially serve pages to YM site visitors.

It is a timely reminder (and not limited to YM) that with any platform that hosts/holds your organisations data, that it is really useful/prudent/sensible to have a backup of that data, to keep you operational whilst the issue is resolved, so that you can continue to communicate with your members, inform them of the issue etc.

I’ve attached a brief guide to show you how I would recommend you backup your YM data. Please let me know if you already have a better solution in place or if there’s any information that you’d like to share to improve everyone’s ability to backup YM.

YourMembership Data Backup Guide

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