“The” system for Outdoor Activity Centre Management for centres big or small, it can manage your bookings, accommodation, resources, activities staff and instructors as well as the finances and online bookings for day camps and courses.

We can help you on your journey

All in one flexible system that anyone at the centre can access (securely) from anywhere with an internet connection.

From paper and excel spreadsheets to an online all in one system can be quite a challenge, which is where I can help, understanding how you work, configuring Cinolla, training guides and videos, helping hand and lightening the load for you and your team.  Flexible, practical and pragmatic advice and hands on help, when you need it and a safety line in the background when you don’t.
Cinolla is the technology that can enable a step change in how you and your team secure the future of your centre.


Just some of the activity centres Cinolla is used by:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i need to change the way my centre is managed?

It’s not necessarily about changing, more about updating and increasing efficiency. With one system that can be accessed from anywhere by everybody involved in managing and running your centre, everybody will know exactly what is happening.

Isn't cinolla only for big or multi centres?

No, Cinolla is reasonably priced and able to scale from one smaller independent centre, such as the Anderton centre, all the way to centres like Avon Tyrrell and multi centre organisations like Scout Adventures. 

I dont have the budget for new servers and pc'S.

All you need to access Cinolla is a good internet connection. It’s all based/hosted by Amazon Web Services so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

I don't have the time to implement a new system.

That’s where I can help, I’ll work with your team to understand how your centre operates and what is important. I can speed up the implementation and do the bulk of the configuration for you and then I can work with your team to ensure they know exactly what they’re doing.

I need someone onsite to help my team.

Absolutely, I’m more than happy to come onsite and would recommend a “Discovery Day” to get to know each other and the key service delivery and resources at your centre and then a “Resifdential Week” to get the majority of the configuration and training done.

What if my requirements change?

Cinolla is updated regularly based on feedback from its activity centre customers, new features are rolled out continuously by the team that created it originally.

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